Kaden Swett
Northern Vermont University

Golf has played a very important role in my life since I started playing when I was 10 years old. It really started to affect my life when I was about 14 years old and starting high school. I started playing at least 4 or 5 days a week during the summer when I began high school and now I play 6 or 7 days during the summer. Playing on my high school golf team was a great experience and I learned many things about myself and the game of golf. During the summer when I can play golf, I usually play in a lot of tournaments because I like competition of them and the pressure of tournament play. I play in a 9 hole match play league on Tuesday nights and a quota league on Thursday nights. I am hoping to pursue a career in golf sales in the future. I hope to sell golf equipment and apparel.

Degrees: Sports Management