Nathan Poulin
University of Maine Farmington

I have been playing sports in some capacity since I was three years old. Sports has always come easy to me and a place that I could excel. I have been playing golf with my family since I was 12 years old. When I first started playing the game I would just step up and hit the ball as best I could and pray for a good results. Williamstown started a golf team 3 years ago and that is when my approach to golf changed. Golf has taught me to have patience with myself and the game. It is a game of mental toughness and that is where I feel that my game has improved the most. Golf is a game of ups and downs much like life. You have amazing days on the pitch and life and then you have disappointing days on the pitch and in life. Golf is the most frustrating game that I love and continue to come back day after day to play. Through golf I have learned to deal and overcome challenging situations.

Degrees: Education