Gretchen Nerber
Stetson University

I first joined golf my freshmen year because a friend asked me to join. I did, and I fell in love with is, as it was a more individual sport than what I had played previously. During my sophomore year of high school, I developed sever anxiety and I was no longer able to play soccer because of it. This is when I turned to golf to help me in a time of difficulty. I began to focus more on golf and progress as a player, taking it more seriously than my previous two years where I had just done it for fun. It was my outlet to escape my anxiety, as I was able to forget about everything going on when I was playing the course. Golf is also an area where I have met so many new people that I would never had met before. Playing with girls around the state gave me an opportunity to open myself up to people and be more confident in myself. Although I might not be the strongest player on my team, I always take pride in the fact of how far I've come as a player, and how I have improved over the years.

Degrees: Education