Ross Evans
Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant

The VGASF scholarship award provided me with the opportunity embark on my career path without the obligation of repaying student loans, it was a true blessing & an award that I'm still grateful for to this day.

Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration
How did a scholarship from the VGASF help you in furthering your education? 
In a very tactical way, it paid for my books every semester for four years. More fundamentally though, it was a reminder of where I came from and the support behind me in Vermont and specifically in the golf community here.
Where do you currently work and what do you do?
I’m a entrepreneur and marketing consultant. Specifically, I am Vice President of a marketing agency in New York City (though I live in Randolph, Vermont) and I co-founded two start-ups: a coffee roasting company and a brewery, both located in Northfield.
How did a scholarship from the VGASF help you get you where you are today?
The scholarship made college more affordable, which ultimately allowed me to attend the school of my choice. I credit my education at Western New England University with a lot of my success. More importantly though, the values I learned as a middle and high school kid playing golf where even more deeply instilled in me when I received the VCASF scholarship. Trust, honesty, integrity, and ethics where all discussed at the scholarship interview (which I still distinctively remember!) and I’ve apply them literally every day of my life as an entrepreneur. I’m now passing those same values on to my two kids (who are 7 and 9) as they pick up the game of golf.